Review: Le Metier De Beaute – Crème Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of crème cheek products. I think there is a learning curve for it and I don’t think I have quiet mastered it yet. I personally think powder products are easier to use. With that said I picked up 3 of the Le Metier De Beaute Crème Lip and Cheek stains (a while ago). Why? Because I love all things Le Metier, but really I was curious to see if you can actually use the product on your lips. I have very dry sensitive lips, so when people say you can use any crème product for your cheek on your lips, I find that to be untrue in most cases.


The packaging is the standard matte black LMDB plastic packaging. It is a twist off top, which I assume is to preserve the product. I had mine for months now and it has not dried out one bit.


Formula of the LMDB Crème Fresh Tint is very creamy. It is much creamier than YSL’s crème blush. It does not contain as fragrance (Yes!) and it does not have any chemical taste when used on the lips. As a blush, it is easy to blend out (even though I suck at doing it >.<). As a lip product, I don’t find it hydrating enough to wear on its own but on top of a creamy/hydrating lipstick it works pretty well.




The three colors I got are Coral Nymph, Mystique and Poppy/Coquelicot. I like Mystique the best, as I like cool toned pinks for cheek or lips. Poppy is a color in between Coral Nymph and Mystique. There weren’t much difference in terms of formula between the three.



For me, I like using these to change the color of some of my lipsticks. We all have lipsticks we bought that are either too bright or just doesn’t fit our skin tone; with LMDB’s Crème Tint you can alter the color of the lipstick fairly easily. Below is a before and after picture of Mystique on top of Tom Ford’s Adobe Pink lipstick.


Product Info:

$28 @ Nordstrom

NET WT. 0.17 fl oz. (5g)


  • Creamy formula
  • Great color payoff


  • Expensive
  • Not hydrating enough to wear on lips alone (for me at least)

Bottom line: If you like crème check products, you will like this. A great multipurpose product.


Comparison: Chanel – Accessoire Le Vernis Nail Colour

Chanel’s Spring 2013 collection consisted of 3 new nail colours. Of course being a Chanel-fiend I picked up all three. The first thing I did when I got home was to see if I have any dupes for the three colors, however, I could only find similar colors for Accessoire. I find it very similar to Chanel’s Vamp, Rouge Noir and the recently released (holiday 2012 collection) Malice. I find the difference to be only noticeable under bright lighting (mostly sunlight).


Accessoire vs. Vamp

–          I find these two to be the most similar. Vamp is a shimmer polish while Accessoire is a crème polish. Accessoire has a bit more brown in the base color than Vamp but it is very similar.

Accessoire vs. Rouge Noir

–          The finish of the two polishes is the same. Rouge Noir is darker, almost black with a bit of red tone. The different between the two is very noticeable even in low lighting.

Accessoire vs. Malice

–          Malice has some red shimmer in it and the base color is darker, however, in low lighting it still appears to be very similar.

ImageThe above photo show how similar the polishes are.

It was interesting to see such a fall/winter color as part of the spring collection. It is an interesting color, definitely more on the brown side than red or plum or black. I am glad I have it as part of my nail polish collection, but I don’t see it as a must have.

Bottom line: If you have any of the above Chanel nail polish, you can pass on this polish. It is a permanent product, so you can always pick it up later.