Review: Le Metier de Beaute Limited-Edition Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Orange Juiced & Hibiskiss

I really liked the LMDB’s lip gloss formula; it’s one of my favorite formulas. So I decided to give the Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss a try, to see if it’s as good as the regular lip gloss. Of course, they are limited editions, which is why I ended up picking up both colors.

The packaging is pretty basic and simple LMDB packaging. It is not the most fancy packaging out there. I like the packaging of the lip gloss much better from some of their other compacts (as much as I love matte black, it gets dirty very easy).

The formula is hydrating and non-drying, overall an excellent formula. As the product name indicated, this is a very sheer formula. It would most likely be used over a lipstick, if you want color. These are high shine glosses, with glitter in them. The glitter does not get grainy when on the lips.

The color may look scary, but since it’s so sheer you cannot really tell the color. Also, note in the pictures the Orange Juiced tube looks more yellow than in real life, I couldn’t get the color just right.  The color of the gloss would look different depending on your natural lip color (if used all natural with no base color). I have naturally pigmented lips, as you can see Orange Juiced comes out sheerer than Hibiskiss. If you are scared of how bright Hibiskiss is, I would suggest wearing it on top of a nude lipstick (very pretty).

The gloss has no noticeable fragrance or taste. It wears about 3 hours.


Orange Juiced

Product Info:

$32 @ Nieman Marcus or Nordstrom Counters

NET WT. 0.22 fl oz. (6.5ml)


  • Great Formula (hydrating)
  • Wearable colors


  • Expensive (It’s expensive for a sheer gloss)
  • Limited Edition

Bottom line: The formula is great and colors are very ‘in’ this season. It would depend on personal preference if you think this is worth it or not.


Review: Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Cherry Blossom

Le Metier de Beaute has finally released their Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscope, which is exclusive at the Neiman Marcus in Washington, DC. This (and the Northern Lights Kaleidoscope) is my first Kaleidoscope… I always miss the releases.

The packaging is good quality, although not the best for the price, or compared to other high end brands. The configuration is fun, but it would be improved on if you can detach the eye shadow individually.

The formulation is fantastic; very finely milled and easy to blend. I find the matte shades to be smooth, as well. The pigmentation is also fantastic, including the lighter shades. I had reservations about how good the formulation would be, since this is a very expensive item, but it lives up to the hype.

I found the colors in this Kaleidoscope to match Cherry Blossom dead on, with a light beige shimmer shade, a green with golden shimmer shade, a light pink with slight shimmer (almost matte) shade, and a matte dark espresso shade. Individual shades aside, the layered color of all four shades is absolutely breathtaking. It comes out to this light brown with a duo-chrome effect. I used even amounts of each individual shade. You will be able to create many looks with this Kaleidoscope.

Product Info:

$95 @ Mezza Gallerie (202) 966-9700 ext 2265 Sunny Choi Noble (she’s awesome)

Net Wt 0.49 fl oz. (14 gms)


  • Great formulation
  • Unique layered colors
  • Size of product (The high price tag comes with good size product. Here are some comparisons: Tom Ford Quad $7.5 per gram, Chanel Quads $8.53 per gram, Le Metier de Beaute $6.79 per gram)


  • Limited edition (This will go quickly like all their Kaleidoscopes)
  • Expensive for a single item

Bottom line: If you are a lover of high quality cosmetics, I would pick this up ASAP. They are definitely not going to be in stock for long.